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New ODH Report: Fentanyl Fuels Increase in Drug Overdose Deaths in 2015 

The number of unintentional drug overdose deaths in Ohio increased again in 2015, driven by a sharp rise in fentanyl-related deaths, according to a new report released this morning by the Ohio Department of Health (ODH). Although heroin was involved in 47 percent of accidental overdose deaths, fentanyl – an opioid that is 30 to 50 times more potent than heroin – was cited as the primary drug driving fatal overdoses upward. Fentanyl was involved in 1,155 fatal overdoses – more than twice the number from 2014 and 14 times more than in 2013. Overall, drug overdose deaths in Ohio increased from 2,531 in 2014 to 3,050 in 2015. There is some good news: data shows Ohio is making progress on the prescription opioids front as the percentage of deaths related to pain medications declined for the fourth straight year. As a state enterprise, Ohio is committed to an aggressive and comprehensive approach to combatting the epidemic, which combines both ongoing and new strategies to: crack down on drug trafficking; prevent youth drug use before it starts; encourage the appropriate use and availability of pain medications; save lives by expanding availability of naloxone and create pathways to treatment and recovery.   

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Programs & Upcoming Trainings

September 26, 2016. FREE. SPF-PFS OCAM (Ohio Coaching & Mentoring Network) Regional Learning Collaboratives. Chillicothe, Ohio.

September 28, 2016. FREE. Pure Living by Miranda: Reducing Chemical Body Burden. Family Support Connect & Share Group. Upper Sandusky.


October 6-7, 2016. $FEE$. 13th Annual MACC Training Conference. Columbus, Ohio.

October 13 thru November 17, 2016. Every Thursday. FREE. Healing Journey Bereavement Support Group. Clyde.

October 11, 2016. FREE. Suicide Prevention Training QPR. Fremont.

October 17, 2016. FREE. SIDS - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - Keeping your baby safe. Fremont.

October 18, 2016. FREE. Strengthening Parent/Child Relationsships. Family Support Connect & Share Group. Upper Sandusky.

October 19, 2016. FREE. Remember My Story... Remember My Name... Silent Witness unveiling Ceremony for murdered Domestic Violence victims from and around Sandusky County. Clyde

October 21, 2016. FREE. Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery.  Prevention Partnership Coalition Stakeholder Trainings. Fremont.

October 26, 2016. $15. Minimize Risk - Maximize Life. Findlay

October 27, 2016. FREE. The Hard Stuff - Focusing on Addiction. Fremont.


November 7-8-9-10-11, 2016. Free. Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training. Click here for more information. Click here for calendar.

November 14, 2016. FREE. Disaster Prepardness - How prepared are you? Fremont. 

November 15, 2016. FREE. Journey to Adulthood. Family Support Connect & Share Group. Upper Sandusky.

November 18, 2016. FREE. Ethics.  Prevention Partnership Coalition Stakeholder Trainings. Fremont.




Peer Recovery Support Groups: Click here for a list of meetings in all three counties.

Family Matters Program: Every Thursday evening at 6:00pm at 65 St. Francis Avenue, Tiffin, Ohio. For more information please contact Rigel Recovery Services at 567-220-7018. 

Survivors of Suicide Support Group: 2nd Tuesday of each month, 3-5pm at Community Hospice Care, 181 E. Perry Street, Tiffin, Ohio. Call 419-447-4040 for more info. 

Family & Friends Support Group: Firelands Counseling and Recovery Services, 76 Ashwood Road, Tiffin, Ohio. Every Thursday from 6:00pm- 7:30pm. For more information please call Stephanie Coppler at 419-448-0640

QPR Suicide Prevention Training: one-hour free suicide prevention training for area businesses, schools, organizations and agencies. The course will help people detect suicide warning signs early and understand how to correctly respond to crisis. For more information call Firelands Counseling and Recovery Services at 419-448-9440

Saints & Sinners Recovery Worship: Every Saint has a past; every Sinner has a future!  Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. at Solomon Lutheran School, 305 W. Main Street, Woodville, OH 419-849-3600  *** Please use Cherry Street Entrance***


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The Mental Health and Recovery Services Board of Seneca, Sandusky and Wyandot Counties was established May 28, 1968, through consultation with the three Boards of County Commissioners, which determined which county would be Host County.  Because of the central location of Seneca County, it was chosen to be Host County, which also meant it would be listed first (rather than alphabetically) in the Board’s title.
The passage of House Bill 648 in 1967 signaled the beginning of a community-based system of care by establishing Community Mental Health Boards throughout Ohio.  Further progress and commitment to community-based services was demonstrated through the passage of Senate Bill 160 in 1980; followed by Senate Bill 156, The Mental Health Act of 1988.  Finally, the passage of House Bill 317 established Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services Boards while maintaining separate Community Mental Health Boards in Ohio’s largest counties.  All other Boards were named Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Boards, which has morphed into Mental Health and Recovery Services Board.



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